Going Medieval – Guest Post and Giveaway with Elise Cyr

RR@H was kind enough to host me for my release week for Siege!

RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk

Whenever the subject of my book comes up, whether I’m with friends, family members, or someone I’ve just met, I invariably get asked why I chose to set my debut novel Siege of the Heart in medieval times. There’s an easy answer: the story required it. But that rarely satisfies since what the person is really asking is what is the appeal of medievals.

Let’s face it. Medievals often get a bad rap. Set during the Middle Ages (affectionately called the Dark Ages due to the cultural and economic decline throughout Europe), they usually feature members of nobility (while technically classist, everyone else was too busy toiling to have adventures) and your traditional alpha-male hero (which can be problematic for modern readers given the gender equality issues of the time). To top it off, let’s just say some of the historically accurate details of the time are less than…palatable. (A…

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