The Dark Side of Medieval History

My fellow author Daisy Banks was kind enough to let me guest on her blog today. Be sure to check it out!

Daisy Banks Blog

A very special Tuesday Treat for you all. Today I am thrilled today to welcome Elise Cyr to the blog.

Welcome Elise.

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As both a reader and writer of historical romance, I am not immune to the call of the past.

I love being swept up into such stories—not only do I invariably learn something, but I also find the historical details help reinforce the idea that though times have changed, humanity has not. The same impulses that guide our behavior today can be found in the people who lived decades, even centuries ago, tying us all together across the ages. While I read and write primarily for escapism, I am also trying to recreate that connection to times long past.

The middle ages have been my focus for a number of years. For me, that time period comes closest to evoking the fantasy world of fairy tales, which I…

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