Baton Blog Hop

Welcome to the Baton Blog Hop!

Thanks to Juliette Cross for inviting me. She writes urban fantasy with a modern Gothic flair. She’s represented by Brittany Booker at The Booker Albert Literary Agency, and she has books forthcoming with Samhain Publishing and Lyrical Press/Kensington Books. With all this amazingness, she makes the rest of us look bad 😉

As a participant in the blog hop, I must answer the questions below about my writing habits and tag other authors to share their process as well. So let’s get started:

What am I working on?

When I’m not drowning in promo for Siege of the Heart, I’m reworking an old novella of mine that I wrote back when I had no concept of head hopping and how insidiously evil it is. Which means I wrote it years and years ago. The characters are in good shape, as well as the romantic arc, but the actual wordage needs an overhaul. So while it’s a walk down memory lane, it’s been a lot of fun, too, to see how far my craft has evolved. I can identify the issues with this particular piece that I couldn’t find before. It’s been an interesting process, and I’m eager to see what comes of it.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I think the very fact that I write in the medieval time period is what sets me apart from other historical romance writers. While I think attitudes are shifting, Regencies have reigned supreme in the field for a very long time. Not to say there aren’t other medieval romance writers or writers who favor other time periods—there are—but we’re a small subset. I also think that while I aim to be as historically accurate as possible, I am very aware of the modern lens through which the readers of today view the medieval time period and work very hard to create characters they can understand and respect despite the passage of time.

Why do I write what I do?

I love reading historical romance, and medievals especially, because in my opinion they come closest to evoking the world of fairy tales—castles, knights, and a love worth fighting for. The medieval time period just speaks to my inner romantic, I guess!

How does your writing process work?

Usually a project starts with a character (sometimes more than one) in a situation (usually of a romantic nature), and I have to work backward to figure out who these people are and how did they get there. For Siege of the Heart, the situation was a smooch in the hayloft—what’s interesting about that scene is it ended up being cut after so many rounds of revisions. For my novella-in-progress, it was a noblewoman who aids a knight in his bath since he’s a guest in her home. Working backwards, I discovered they had been lovers once before he left for the Crusades and now he’s unexpectedly returned for her. But is she still his? I’ll have to keep you posted!

Thanks again to Juliette Cross for tagging me for the blog hop! Be sure to follow her on twitter and keep an eye out for her Vessel Trilogy (Samhain Publishing, 2015)!


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