Tuesday Treat from Elise Cyr

The wonderful Daisy Banks hosted me this week where I share the first meeting between my hero and heroine…Check it out!

Daisy Banks Blog

nice strawberry lady

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Treat. My guest today is the very talented

Elise Cyr with a post you’ll enjoy.


Thanks so much for hosting me, Daisy!

For today’s treat, I’m sharing a scene from my medieval romance Siege of the Heart, which released this year from Kensington and recently became available in paperback.

This is the point where my heroine Isabel, an English heiress, confronts Alexandre, a Norman knight who has unexpectedly arrived at her father’s castle. This is the first time she’s had a chance to speak to the man and she’s none too happy to find him taking command of her home.




The servant made one last attempt to smooth Isabel’s thick chestnut hair underneath her headrail. “We should go. This way, my lady.”

“Wait.” Isabel picked up her mother’s brooches from the table. “I would wear these too.”

“Yes, my…

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